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Poor Air Quality

Return Leaks Can Cause Your Coil to Act Like a Filter.

     With small rips, separations or cracks in your return ducting, air can bypass your filter, enter your furnace and begin the deterioration process on your furnace or air handler. This includes the plugging of your indoor coil, which decreases the efficiency of your cooling system, and drastically cuts the air supply to the rest of your home or business.
     The polluted air then enters your supply duct system, and is then distributed into your home or business. Sealing the return side is just as important, if not more, than your supply ducts. This can improve your allergies along with other indoor symptoms. Leaks in the supply ductwork cause expensive conditioned air to be dumped into the attic, crawlspace or garage instead of into the house.
     Leaky return ducts pull in dust from dirty attics, basements or crawlspaces, passes the polluted air into your furnace or air handler, distributes it into your supply ducts, then into the living area of your business or home. Leaky supply ducts suck in outside air and dust through the walls of your house, and into the home or business.

Leaky ducts create dust in your home.

Increased Cost of Operation

     A quick, low cost inspection by a trained Aeroseal technician can pinpoint problems in your duct system, and help make your energy bills and your air quality a lot easier to live with. Duct repairs, if needed, could be the most important energy improvement measure you can do.
     If your return ducts are located in the attic, basement or crawl space, and they have significant leakage, they will pull unconditioned air, dust, moisture or insulation fibers directly into the unit, clogging the air filter and coil, or pushing these particles directly into your rooms.
     Buildings with significant return leakage cost more to heat and cool. Buildings with significant supply side leakage make you pay to cool or heat your attic, basement, or crawlspace.

Increase Your Efficiency

     Leaks in forced air duct systems are now recognized as a major source of energy waste in both new and existing houses. Cracks and holes cause a typical system to lose 15% to 40% of its heating and cooling capacity. Air conditioning systems are normally sized to remove an estimated amount of heat gain into that specific building. If more heat gain is experienced or less cooling occurs, the HVAC system can't keep up. In addition, on hot days the actual capacity of the HVAC system may be further reduced.
     Buildings with leaky return ducts in attics or chaseways will pull 120 degree air into the system, making the air flow warmer as it goes to the cooling coil. Most coils can only drop the incoming air temperature by 20 degrees, so the outgoing air that arrives to your rooms is warmer than it should be, making it harder to cool the rooms.
     Supply duct leaks affect the run time of the A/C unit a different way. As heat is removed from the air stream at the coil, the cold air is forced by the fan down the duct, into your room. That cold air is under pressure and is looking for an easy way out. Cracks at duct joints, connections, elbows, fittings and register boots will leak some of this air to the outside before it gets to your rooms, making it harder to satisfy the thermostat. Supply duct leaks also create a negative pressure in the building, which pulls in warm outside air.

Try Aeroseal First...

     Heating and cooling a typical house accounts for most of your utility bill. The US Department of Energy states that energy wasted from leaky residential ducts alone is equivalent to the energy burned by 13 million cars a year. Each year homeowners decide to purchace new High-Efficient comfort systems when their old system fails to keep them comfortable. In many cases, a duct inspection might uncover excessive leakage, a dirty coil, or blocked return duct as the true reason for reduced system performance.
     This remedy is much cheaper than the replacement system. There are thousands of homes that have recently installed high-efficient air conditioners or heaters that simply don't deliver the energy savings or cooling capacity the manufacturers label suggests. Many homes still have 10%-30% duct leakage even after the new system was installed. Duct problems like leakage, undersized ducts, or inadaquate returns can rob the customer of the comfort and energy savings a new system should deliver.

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AeroSeal your ductwork.
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and we will factor in the size of your home or business to keep your costs down.

The evaluation process is $79.00 and the actual AeroSeal process that closes
your ductwork to expensive heat/cooling loss starts at $900.00.

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